East-East 5 – Lithuanian and Japanese Architecture Exhibition “Recipe for Recovery”

Human power and activity changed our natural landscapes and ecosystems, repurposed vast areas of land yet transformed the global climate. Throughout the centuries architects had the power of a Vision. What is needed now, is a vision for renewal and recovery.

Continuing the 20-year tradition of architecture cooperation between Lithuania and Japan and the East-East Project, Exhibition “Recipe for Recovery” presents 40 works by architects and architecture studios from Japan and Lithuania.

The Exhibition aims to present the architect’s techniques and philosophy as a “Recipe for Recovery” and the architectural process of the best Japanese and Lithuanian architects. Through the models, plans, sections, details, hand drawings, elevations, diagrams, axonometric views etc. architects demonstrate how their projects came to be.

foto: Linas Žemgulis

Exhibition located in Central Post Office, Laisvės al. 102., Kaunas. Opening event: September 23, 2022

Curators of the Exhibition: Paulius Vaitiekūnas, Shinichi Kawakatsu



Yasutaka Yoshimura / Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects;  Suzuko Yamada / Suzuko Yamada Architects;  Eri Tsugawa / Altemy;  Miho Tominaga / Tomito Architecture;   Shingo Masuda;  Kenichi Teramoto / Office of Teramoto;  Fuminori Nousaku / Fuminori Nousaku; Architects Kozo Kadowaki 


Audrius Ambrasas Architects; Do Architects; Gintaras Balčytis; A2SM Architects; Aketuri Architects; G. Natkevičius & Partners; Palekas Architects Studio + Architecture Studio Plasma; Office de Architectura; Processoffice; Vilnius Architecture Studio; Arches; Šarūnas Kiaunė Studio; Archinova + PLH Arkitekter; Nebrau; Urban Line; LG Projects & Gal Architects 


foto: Gintaras Česonis
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