Dance Plus City. Vilkaviškis. Bus station.

Dance Plus City. Vilkaviškis. Bus station

Clara Gambino dance in this space is like a living impulse of nature, breathing between the metal walls of the station and static concrete columns. It’s not waiting. It plays constantly with the wind, freezes like a tree for a moment, and continues to merge with circular spaces into the sky.

Vilkaviškis bus station is a very cosy building where you won’t find many colours – only white brightness of metal, naturally grey concrete and, of course, trees and plants. The rhythm of the thin metal columns and the sharpness of the station’s facades create a sense of verticality, inviting you to look up, and catch a glimpse of the open roof cavity – opening the sky and letting the light in. The architecture of the station is designed for waiting and temporary stay while travelling from one point to another and works as a curtain or a cosy haven.

Architektas / Architect – Gintaras Balčytis, 2020 m.
Šokėja / Dancer – Clara Gambino
Režisierė / Director – Laura Tamošiūnaitė
Operatorė / Camera operator – Elvina Nevardauskaitė
Kompozitorius / Composer – Bartoš Eiliakas
Šokio filmo prodiuseris / Dance film producer – „Just a moment“.
Projekto „Šokis plius miestas“ prodiuseriai / Dance Plus City producers: LRT, Lietuvos šokio informacijos centras

Projektą finansuoja / Financed by: Lietuvos kultūros taryba, LRT, Visagino miesto savivaldybė, Klaipėdos miesto savivaldybė.